“Her highly melodic acoustic-based songs consistently feature insightful and introspective lyrics that often tackle unusual subjects.” — American Songwriter

“Sarah Gargano’s debut EP, ‘Paper Girl’ is a ball of Ingrid-Michealson-esque quirky, pop joy. Don’t be mistaken by her sweet voice, however; Gargano’s lyrics are beautiful, fierce, and powerful” — Mestiza Magazine

“I cannot stop raving about how adorable Sarah is and how her talent of storytelling in her music can resonate with such a wide audience.” — The Young Folks

“Up-and-coming indie pop-punk singer-songwriter Sarah Garganois fast making a name for herself with her quirky, catchy acoustic-based songs, following along the same path as performers like Ingrid Michaelsonand Kate Nash– but there’s also a hint of ‘90s cool-girl artists like Lisa Loebin the mix (although, at 21 years old, Gargano wasn’t even born yet when Loeb was having her heyday). Gargano readily acknowledges these influences, though she’s also determined to carve out her own identity. She did just that on her 2018 debut EP, “Paper Girl,” where she brings an insightful, empathetic voice to lyrics that discuss the unique challenges that she and other young women are encountering as they navigate the current tumultuous social climate (though she does so without seeming self-pitying). She displays a maturity well beyond her years, which can perhaps be attributed to her New York City upbringing.” — The Big Takeover


“She has her eyes wide open taking a chance and making music that is hip and relatable to her generation. While her influences are certainly pop-infused Top 40, her style is much more rustic and raw giving it an indie flare with a touch of folk.” — Lemonade Magazine

“has a lo-fi and anti-folk feel that combines the sincerity of Fiona Apple with the directness of Ida Maria” — Spectral Nights

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