About Sarah!

Sarah is a 23 year old antifolk singer/songwriter born and raised in NYC. Sarah released her debut EP, ‘Paper Girl,’ in 2018 and her second EP, ‘My Travel Diary,’ in 2020. Her music has been featured in magazines and music blogs such as American Songwriter, The Big Takeover, For The Rabbits, Lemonade Magazine, and Spectral Nights. Sarah has been writing music and playing shows since she was 15 and most recently opened for Jeffrey Lewis in Huddersfield, England. Her songs are lyrically focused and self aware; perhaps unsurprisingly, she has a degree in creative writing and sociology. Outside of her music career, Sarah enjoys watching crime shows, crying over fictional characters, arts-n-crafting, taking pictures, antique hunting, journaling, frolicking in flower fields, talking Myers Briggs, and eating cookie dough. Join Sarah’s mailing list to keep up to date with new releases and upcoming gigs!